Frank Knight

In '96 I Out Rapped Your Grandma


Frank Knight Performing @ SOB's for Daze Summit Website Launch Release

Frank Knight Performing @ SOB's for Daze Summit Website Launch Release

Frank Knight (also known as Knizza or Frank Knizza) is a Hip-Hop Artist/Activist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Knight is the essence of all the powerful souls in ghettos worldwide. Knight uses his Hip-Hop artistry and influence to convey the message of hope, self determination and love to express the stories of all the impoverished low income individuals from all corners of the world.

While growing up seeing multiple sides of life in the multicultural diverse New York City, Knight decided he wanted to be more than just another person who did for self. Knight wanted to be a positive impact on his community, and the lives of all those who live in similar conditions in every place in the world. Frank truly took it upon himself to be a man of the people, and reflect their struggles and joy throughout his music, which are his own struggles and triumphs as well. Knight has collaborated with a variety of non profit organizations and fundraisers such as the Daze Summit to provide opportunities to raise money to go towards the scholarship of graduating High-School students embarking on their college journey.

Frank Knight has been featured on The Source, Hot 97, DJ Enuff's "That's Enuff", and much more. In 2015 Frank Knight was nominated for 4 awards at the Voiceless Music Awards and won 2 out of 4 “Best Airplay Song” and “Video of the Year” for his well known underground single “Welcome To Brooklyn.”

Frank has performed in notable NYC venues such as SOB’s, Santos Party House, Webster Hall, DROM, Knitting Factory, and many more. His mission however doesn’t stop there, Frank is a traveling man who has performed on the Dean List College Tour (2013-2015) throughout the US, which consisted of him performing in Universities, High Schools, & Junior High Schools to also speak to the students and inspire them to pursue their dreams. A side from his various performances throughout the United States, Frank has performed outside the states in countries including Paris, France (2016), Nantes France (2016), & London,United Kingdom (2016) for festivals and concerts.