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The Water of Mu$a (Autographed Mixtape)

The WOM (Front).jpg
The Water of Mu$a
The WOM (Front).jpg
The Water of Mu$a

The Water of Mu$a (Autographed Mixtape)


01. Intro (Voiced By The Wandering Ronin)
02. S&M (System & The Mecca) (Produced By The Gonz)
03. Family First (Produced By DJ Poska)
04. Look At Me (Freestyle)
05. Tonite's Da KNight (Featuring Nossis)
06. Thank You (Featuring GodsPlan & Alex Babbitt)
07. Juice (Interlude) (Produced By The Gonz)
08. Mac 10 Handle (Featuring Goodtime Slim & Army Regime)
09. Rugged (Featuring Mike Larry Draw) (Produced By June Docc A.K.A. Triple 7)
10. All Black (Featuring Goodtime Slim)
11. Nikon Vision (Produced By Lewis, OmArr, & Zeven)
12. Black In America II (Featuring Killah Priest) (Produced By The Gonz)
13. Yellow Tape/Secret (Produced By David Greene)
14. Unforgettable (Freestyle)
15. Gator Song (Featuring Sav Killz) (Produced By DJ Poska)
16. Run This City (Produced By June Docc A.K.A. Triple 7)
17. Music Get Me High (I.F.W.H.)
18. Disperse (Featuring Zeyi, LionaJae, & MasterMine)
19. Outro (Voiced By The Wandering Ronin)

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The Water of Mu$a is a mix-tape by Frank Knight that is a conceptual piece of art that plays off Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon movie combined with the idea of rich blackness in the form of Mansa Musa, who is notably one of the richest human beings to ever exist in history whom is also black.

The Water of Mu$a = Water is a representation of life and Mu$a represent richness. Together combined they represent being rich with life through your natural organic true self. Hence the famous Bruce Lee line "Be Like Water"  which is included on the projects artwork.